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The Academic Playbook is a planner designed for the student-athlete!  All coaches have playbooks for their prospective sport, but no Playbook to succeed academically.  Use The Academic Playbook to help student-athletes get focused, take action, and stay disciplined!  In The Academic Playbook student-athletes will organize their:



Coaches can meet with their student-athletes each week to go over Academics, Weekly Habits, and TIme Management to give them every opportunity to get organized and be successful.  The Academic Meeting is a great opportunity to teach student-athletes how to be successful on and off the field, while building a relationship of trust and understanding.  We use these meetings to get to our student-athletes and how teach / inspire them better while helping them learn life skills to keep them on track!




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    As a young impressionable student-athlete, I found myself looking p to John; both as a teammate and a person. He is a natural born leader with the ability to inspire and motivate people around him both on and off the field.  His new book motivates and inspires as he takes us through his journey of continual personal growth and development.

    Pat White (Former WVU QB and current QB Coach at South Florida)

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    John Pennington is a winner on and off the field.  He has every conceivable success trait that is reserved for BIG TIME WINNERS!  This book represents "THE POWER OF POSITIVE INFLUENCE" for anyone who aspires to be ultra successful.  John is a devoted family man and role model for all that know him.  Admired for his outstanding work ethic, upbeat attitude, leadership qualities, and outgoing personality.  Where John travels....major success will follow.  He represents the TOTAL PACKAGE in sports and the GAME OF LIFE.

    Greg White (Former Marshall Basketball Head Coach and current Motivational Speaker)

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    "JP" has been a close friend of mine for two decades and Small Wins = Big Gains exemplifies John's hard work and work ethic.  The Formula to his past, present, and future success jumps out at you in each line.  Someone will pick this book up whether it's a young kid (athlete or non-athlete), a middle-aged adult, or entrepreneur, it will change their approach and/or add to their outlook on being successful in life.  "Your mission should be difficult to achieve and should challenge you to grow and be a better person.  If you have an easy mission then you'll be stuck in mediocrity your whole life.  Challenge yourself and see what you're capable of."  Those words are motivating and captivating.....they should serve as a challenge to want to do better in life, at work or anywhere you choose to implement the concept!

    Rasheed Marshall (Former NFL player and WVU Quarterback)

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