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How do Small Wins lead to Big Gains?

Small Wins = Big Gains is exactly what it sounds like. You need to produce small wins consistently and – over time – these consistent small wins will lead to big results. Through years of trial and error, I’ve learned tools that help you create Small Wins. Instead of going through years of trial and error yourself, I’m going to give you tools that will save you time and make you more efficient so you reach your goals.

Small Wins lead to positive behaviors. Positive behaviors performed consistently lead to positive habits. Positive habits lead to rituals where positive behavior becomes automatic. Once you get a habit down to an automatic behavior then you can start building on top of that habit. You can add more routines, harder workouts, or stricter diets. And if you can stay disciplined consistently those routines will produce big-time results. Start with a small change and, as that change starts to become automatic, you can add more to the habit.

How long does it take for a habit to become automatic? The research varies on this subject, but it can take anywhere from two months to a year. The key is consistency. You can’t create an automatic habit in two weeks. It’s something that happens over time. How do you know when a habit is automatic? When your habit becomes an investment to enrich your life instead of an expense that you have to get through, then you know you’ve created an automatic habit.

Five years ago, I started waking up early and working out, reading, or meditating. I have to complete my morning routine to have a great day. It’s an investment in my day and I don’t feel productive without it. Waking up early started out as an expense. Something I had to push through and use discipline to get started. After a period of consistently waking up early and completing a morning routine, I realized I needed that routine. It became something I wanted to do.

Five years later it takes a little bit of discipline to wake up, but I love starting the day with my morning routine. I wake up and start my day with a workout, meditation, and – over the past year and a half – writing this book every day of the week because I want to – and need to – complete my morning routine. My morning routine is now an everyday ritual and a positive habit that leads to positive results.

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