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When I was younger, I wanted to be a head football coach. Even though I was only an assistant, I always looked at myself as a head coach. I felt I already was a head coach who just hadn’t been hired yet. I wrote down in my mission statement – “I am a Head College Football Coach” – and strived to be that every day. My peers always told me they felt I would be a head coach one day. Probably because I behaved like I already was one. Every action I took (well, not every action) was based on me already thinking I was a head-coach-in-waiting. Many times I fell short. I was still young, immature, and had a lot to learn. But overall my ideas, actions, and habits were rooted in the fact that I was a head-coach-in-waiting. In my mind I already was a head coach and was just waiting on someone else to see that vision and hire me to run a program. Eventually, someone saw what I saw and hired me to be a head coach. But it wasn’t because I got lucky. I was very intentional about my future and instead of waiting for it to happen I took action and started behaving that way on a daily basis.

You can do the exact same thing with your life! But you have to take immediate action and be intentional about what you want. Strive to achieve your goals and missions every day! Don’t worry if you come up short just get back on the path and keep working to get to your goal. The reality is: You are going to come up short and fail plenty of times before you actually reach your goal! The most important factor to achieving your goal is to keep getting back on the path you have laid out for yourself – regardless of the circumstances. Some weeks I am on target with almost every goal I set. Other weeks I fail miserably. But I always review what I can do better, make adjustments, and get back on the path that I chose for myself. Or if the path is off, I alter my directions and create a better path to my goals. Either way, the results will show up as an outcome of dedication and hard work, so stay focused on the process and not the results.

Keep choosing the life you want to live and bust your ass to stay on that path every day. Don’t get frustrated when you fall off the path. Just keep getting back on, learn from your mistakes, and make the necessary adjustments to do better. Mistakes are going to happen and you are going to fall off track from time to time. The key is to stay on the mission and keep getting back on track every time you fall off. Every mistake you make is an opportunity to learn and get closer to your goals! So expect them to happen and get ready to make adjustments because you’re not going to quit.

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